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New gap with odesk verification of client payment method

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Ahmad M. A Member Since: Nov 3, 2014
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Today I applied on a new job and the client accepted my request quickly and even he just made his account one day ago but his payment method was verified by odesk so I accepted to work with him even he has no history...


few hours later I saw he almost hired everyone who was applied on this job...


I saw same situation before..



here how it happened ;


A client make a new account with verified method of payment.. then he hires large number of contractors to finish a lot of work in the next few hours, he hires them with hourly contracts to have their confidence... once they finish the work and send him the file , I think at that moment he send a report to odek and refuse to pay using the advantage of pending payment period to have his money back...


and while he has created the contracts with option of " allow adding time manually" most of contractors will add time manually which make them not covered by odesk for guaranteed payment. but in my case I used the odesk team application, but yet now odesk has suspended my account and putting me under investigation, not only that. all the contractors who have been hired on this job, and who are we ?? a long-time members with excellent history.. but for a new client odesk put 11 long-term contracts into suspension, when in real they were the victim here...
this is the second time I see this situation in the last month, I think odesk must find a way to keep its credibility " when I see payment method are verified by odesk and I use the odesk tracking app " so then I shouldn't expect to be working for free...... otherwise odesk should just not put " payment verified sign "

I hope odesk better to start looking for the interest and rights of the contractors with more concerns 

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with a client, Ahmed. Your contract had to be placed on hold while our team was investigating. However, it looks like the situation has been resolved now. Rest assured that negative actions will be taken against accounts of clients who request free work.


Thank you for your patience!

~ Valeria
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Ahmad M. A Member Since: Nov 3, 2014
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Yes Valeria,


My account has been back online just few minutes ago.



My point is, I trusted odesk when it says " payment guaranteed " and I worked with odesk time app, but payment has been back to the fraud client..


I think there must be a way to not let that happen again,  I'm mean a client with verified payment method and hourly contract but yet he can take his money back or odesk fail to keep the payment , so why odesk says " payment guaranteed "..


Really, if this job was fixed I wouldn't do it, but I only accepted it because odesk " guaranteed payment "


anyway, it's ok, I just really wanna be sure that will never happen again in the future.



Thanks for understanding and assistance