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No Clients After Sending over 10 proposals a day with 88% job rate

I don't know if it's just me facing this but the conversion rate has been low in recent times and it has affected my top-rated rating. Is anyone experiencing facing this same thing? If you are, please share your experience and country you are from


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My profile also Top Rated. Nowadays no orders. Its almost 15 days. 4 days ago received a job only for $10. But upon the job completion client is not approving the payment and no response from client side as well. And recently connects also increased for the jobs. I dont know what to do 😒😒😒

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It is definitely not just you. Over the past 6-months to 1-year, many freelancers--in the U.S. and all over the world-- have noticed a decrease in hiring and fewer invitations from clients. There have been updates to Upwork’s various algorithms, so a lot of freelancers—even Top-Rated and Top-Rated are finding it difficult to generate profile views and responses to proposals.

Almost all the replies and complaints are the same. Is there a way we could reach the Upwork management to inform them of this? This is really affecting a lot of people

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The new BOOST systems are giving the jobs to who pays more.

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So, Upwork recently launched the "work with a team of freelancers" feature which basically means if I see a job and I believe the freelancers in my connect can also contribute, I can submit a single proposal for all of us. I  think that sort of improves chances. So, I will send you a connection request, and anytime I see that on a job posting, I will include you

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