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No more replies on upwork

Hi all,Its been a quite long time when i am striving hard to work on upwork and get new clinets but lately its been a quite hectic thing in which i am placing proposals but getting nothing and i am lost at that perspective.I am mantaining good  profile with excellent reviews but i am not getting any response from upwork recently.


Is there any one who can help me in identifying the problem which i am facing right now or review my profile what is missing in it.

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same issue. Upwork is dead already. and the job feed is a nightmare. nobody from the moderators will help and they will keep talking about the challenges on Upwork and the competition between freelancers. but the fact is no competition and nobody is getting hired anywhere. and there are no clients. and I am sure the management knows since the platform profit margins they make out of open contracts has decreased tremendously. but no one will tell freelancers this fact.

Amr A wrote:

 but the fact is no competition and nobody is getting hired anywhere.

I've been hired twice this week, so it's not a 'fact'.

Freelancers should expect to go through lean times. It happens. But there's still many jobs out there, I've been applying to as many as I usually would, with a similar response ratio.

i don't get which point are you trying to prove, I have been also invited and hired twice this week. but iam noticing an issue. from someone who works on upwork for like 4 years now . i have never seen the feed as bad as these days. and even the clients who post don't hire anybody. take a look on the forums and check how many people complaining about this issue. and wasting money and connects for job posts that never opens for anyone and endup being Archieved due to inactivity. and these are the type of jobs that are available on the feed. my hire rate has dropped to almost 0 from getting hired at least 2~4 times per month. so no need to say that you are getting hired. we know definitely that some people are still working on their niches otherwise the platform will shut down.

there is a reason to get uncomfortable if you spend 200 connects for the last 2 monthes. and only 5 or 4 jobs hired somebody. and the others closed due to inactivity

Amr A wrote:

I have been also invited and hired twice this week.

Then why claim 'nobody is getting hired anywhere'? Which is what I was responding to because it's blatantly just not true.

Amr A wrote:

Upwork is dead already

Also not true

Amr A wrote:

and there are no clients

Not true

Amr A wrote:
and even the clients who post don't hire anybody

And this...

If you were more honest in your comment then you might have received a better response. Instead you just made stuff up and you were challenged on it.

Upwork is very competitive, no matter how much you might want to dismiss it. There are also times when the competitiveness becomes more or less fierce and, when it's fiercer than usual, a lot of freelancers will begin to struggle. Many struggling freelancers will then blame Upwork rather than ask themselves why they're not able to compete with the many freelancers who are not struggling.

There's also other reasons like seasonal variations and even periods of bad luck to take into account.

But what is not true is that 'nobody is getting hired anywhere'. Or that Upwork is dead, etc. And claiming otherwise does not help the people who need to find work. Quite the opposite.


take a look on the forums about the amount of daily complains iam talking about reality. and iam confirming that 200 jobs i applied for. and iam so picky only 4 or 5 hired someone. and the other 195 closed with no success. iam talking reality and there can be no doubt of what iam saying. again i don't know what are you trying to prove. but iam happy your work is flowing.

Did I say that things are not quieter than usual for some people? Hint: I have said no such thing.

There is a significant difference between:

A) Some people are struggling, (which you did not say) and
B) Nobody is being hired (which you did say)

You went for B - which is demonstrably false. That is what I am responding to, because it is what you said.

I am not responding to A, because that is not what you said.

And A is likely true, because fewer clients posting jobs and/or more freelancers looking for work = more competition. Competition that you seem eager to dismiss as an explanation of why some people are struggling (but not others).

It has always been this way. I've been freelancing for nearly two decades, and there has always been ups and downs. With the downs having people suggesting there's something wrong with whichever platform they're using rather than acknowledging they're struggling to compete on a personal level.

What people don't need at times like this is false information (like nobody is being hired, which you did say). What they need is to face the reality that they're struggling while others are not, and that they should consider working on their profiles, or their proposals, or whatever.

Again, so we're absolutely clear:

I AM NOT saying it's not quieter for some people, so there's no need to come back to me suggesting I did say such a thing. In fact, I am acknowledging quite the opposite - it IS harder for some people at the moment. For reasons I've already explained.

I AM saying it's not true that nobody is being hired, which is what you DID say.

So, if you must respond, please do so according to what I DID say, and not what I DID NOT say.


and take a look on the most experienced people on upwork. expert vetted with more than 200k. you need to rethink what you are saying 


Hi Adnan and  Amr,


I  understand how you feel. It may be discouraging when you're getting fewer responses to your proposals now. A lot of factors come into play such as the demand for the field you're in. With more and more freelancers signing up, the competition gets tougher. But I suggest that you check your profile and update your skills, tweak your title, make use of Project Catalog, and of course, apply for jobs. The more you send proposals, the more you increase the chance of getting a reply from a client.


Here's an additional tip: try to filter your search by the number of proposals the job posting has received. You may want to skip applying to those that have more than 50+ proposals already as yours can get lost there. And make sure to apply for jobs that match your skill set and previous experience.


There's really no telling how the client selects their freelancer but focus on what you can control- your cover letter, your profile, your skills. Additionally, you can reach out here in the Community and look for blog posts from successful freelancers to help you get back on your feet.

~ AJ
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