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No responce

So i accepted a contract with app testing. Its an hourly rate and my time is going rn but the client stopped responding. He has to tell me everything i need to do. What do i do? Am i getting paid for sitting here clocked in? 

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Clela, in your position I'd turn off the time tracker and make sure the client is ok with you tracking time while you're on standby. And even if he's ok with this, you won't get credited for the minutes tracked unless there's activity, like moving the mouse or pressing an arrow key regularly. 

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Keyboard activity isn't enough to qualify you for payment protection if the screen captures don't show you doing any actual work. 


Clela, did the client actually say that they needed you to be available certain hours? If not, then they don't owe you anything, even if it says that the contract is for up to 40 hours per week (that's just the default). If the client has no work for you to do at the moment, then work on something else, and/or look for new clients.

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