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Not getting any invitation

Hello guys, Can any one tell me why I am not getting any invitation.

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There are thousands of software/QA testers on Upwork, so getting jobs can be a challenge. You have had some success since 2020, and your JSS is 100%, so that is good.


Over the past 3 months to 1 year, many freelancers--including Top-Rated and Top-Rated Plus--have noticed a decrease in hiring and fewer invitations from clients. No one really know why they are not invited for jobs, but it could be:


  • When clients search for freelancers fitting your skills, your profile is not showing early in search results

  • Client reviewed your profile but did not find enough information or did not think you were a good fit

I just searched for Software QA Tester in Pakistan and you appear on page 4, which isn't bad. But some clients only look at the first one or two pages. Also, your profile will not always appear on page 4 for the same skill/keyword search on any given day.


The only thing you can do is keep applying for jobs by writing great cover letters.

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Most people aren't getting invitations. It's the new normal on Upwork. Since they rotate their search results at random instead of suggesting the best match for the job, even the best freelancers receive few invitations.

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