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Odesk test cheaters.

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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Look at the English test scores of the first person mentioned in the original post on this thread. Now read the first sentence of the profile.
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Melisan A Member Since: Jan 12, 2008
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I too have seen some of those tests with the ambiguous answers where two answers were technically correct....absolutely maddening. But, I have a couple of 6 minute test times with top 10% scores. I didn't cheat. I was just able to blow through the tests quickly. Granted, these are the easier (for me) English language tests. The SEO test makes my brain bleed!
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Exp U Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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I also have a 6-minute top 10% test and there was no cheating (or indeed revision!) involved at any point. Someone accused me of cheating on the basis of this time, so I did the maths...9 seconds per question so deducting a (fairly generous) 2 seconds for page loads; that's 7 seconds per question (IIRC). That's plenty of time, especially if the questions are clear and the answer is obvious to that particular test-taker. I would probably have more fast tests if the tests themselves were better constructed. It's the "which -out of all these wrong answers- is the least wrong?" scenarios that slow me down. Having said that; multiple first places in 4 minutes does sound more than a little suspicious.
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Muhammad Ammar H Member Since: Dec 5, 2011
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There are many people who do like that, the net is full of answers, right or wrong and some people even, don't have what it takes to be at 1st position comes and i think its there cheap mindset to attract more client.Yet in the end even if they get the job, they can't beat you because test doesn't account for hands on experience. I myself suffer from this a lot but then again i get few jobs and clients come to saying "oh he wasted our time, we hired just because they score good. we lost money".
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Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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It's not about them beating you. It's about the harm their poor performance after they've been hired causes to freelancing in general. True, some of the clients won't give up after one bad experience based on false results, but what if it happens in 10% of the hires? 20%? The entire field loses credibility because someone thought a good round score is more important than actual knowledge and experience.
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Christopher John M Member Since: Aug 27, 2012
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If you would ask me... I would like to point out a few points to ponder: - What are the tests results really for? (So that clients will see that you passed them? Seriously? Those are just Q&As and can definitely be cheated.) - Why do you take tests? (For me? Just for fun and not as a requirement in a job here since I don't really find it significant when you're on a job.) - Does it affect you with your contracts? (Yes for clients that rely on test results, NO actually if your on a job since words can't measure your skills.) I can see a lot of contractors with 5 stars, high number of hours and high rate without even a single freaking test taken - yeah not even the English Proficiency test. Also, to be in the serious side - lets take a good example in one of my fields - motion graphics. If you take the motion graphics test - answer questions and pass it (sounds good huh!?) then have a contract from a client. One of the known scenarios is this contractor who passed the test with flying colors (literally with colors) doesn't even have the experience on what to do with the job.Yes he knows the terms, the definitions, the theories but what matters most in most jobs is the APPLICATION of what you know and HOW you do it. To be precise on my point, tests only measures what you know (that is if your honest enough not to cheat the answers) but really does not test what you can do and the quality of work you deliver. That's why I find it amusing and entertaining to get tests here in oDesk rather than to take it seriously like some people do. I know! My point could be pointless to those who really believe in the tests here...but open your mind and think out of the box - why would you really take those tests seriously. So what if they cheat? They will always do, like in school, life, and jobs. Its just how you view things.
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I agree. Many of these tests ask about theory and definitions, rather than about how you would actually apply your knowledge in a real job. How does it help a client to choose a contractor who has memorized industry jargon if the contractor is incapable of doing the work?
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S M Golam S Member Since: Aug 3, 2014
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I have been seen there are many fraud user are doing this things and inspired other. It's very shamed for oDesk policy?

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JT L Member Since: Aug 26, 2015
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Yes I noticed this recently when I started filtering candidates by test scores. Many spend only a few minutes and become the top candidate.



I have started reporting those to Upwork, as it cheats the system and mislead the employers and creates unfair competition. 


All employers please help clean the system by doing the same and report all test cheaters and give respect to those who actually score high on tests because of their hard work.

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Fergus M Member Since: May 23, 2015
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"Many spend only a few minutes and become the top candidate."


That may be because they cheat, or it may be because some of the tests are ridiculously easy. I scored in the top 10% of the English vocab test in 5 minutes, because it's a joke.


Anyway, if someone feels it's worth cheating on an Upwork test they've basically failed at life.

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