Offer Creation Failed?

A client wants to hire me as his freelancer, but odesk keep saying "offer creation failed" every time he clicks to hire me, are there any possibilities why this happened?


He made an offer below my request, and i already said okay, I also adjust the payment from my  side but this keep happening.


Any suggestions?


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I think the problem that the client cannot hire you is that the payment method he added on oDesk is not verifed yet. You may send this help article to your client which is posted on oDesk about setting a verified payment method. (He needs to login to see the article).




If he still faces problem, I think you would ask him to contact oDesk CSS in order to resolve the issue.


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Dear Arif,


thank you  for the welcoming and the reply, but this client already a verified client. He tried to hire me a couple of times but keep failed. Is there any possibilities again beside that? 





How much is he planning on paying you? 


If it's under $3.00 an hour then he won't be able to hire you even if you say it's okay. oDesk now has a minimum wage that clients have to use when hiring.

Hi David, it's a fixed price of 25$ USD. Surely there is no problem with that?

Please ask your client whether his payment method has sufficient funds. I think that error message occurs when milestone can't be charged to it.

Oh and if you have a current contract with the same client (and if under the same team), he won't be able to click on hire or send an offer too. 


Btw, you are charging wayyyy too low for a doctor. $3.16 per hour? Try to change it to at least $3.33/hr and see if that works too but really, why are you doing data entry and working for $1 per project? I saw your jobs history.


Anyway, your client should just contact support. Support/oDesk cannot disclose details to you or to us here. They can fix this directly with your client.

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thank you all,


you guys truly helped me a lot 🙂


just now he can hire me. problem solved  🙂

Dianne,yeah, thanks for the note, because it's my first time in here, and I don't know how much to put it there.  I'll take your advice and make it higher. lol. Smiley LOL


I'm just wasting my time doing the data entry, cost me 15 minutes, and I don't have anything to do, so that's why.

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Dear Intan,


Just got another link with details procedure, guessing might be helpful:






Thanks Arif


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There is more demand for a medical writer than for someone who does data entry.


You're a doctor so getting rates as high as $50/hr shouldn't be a problem. Maybe focus on medical writing and start with a rate of let's say $7-$10/hr?


When clients see you take jobs for $1, they would think you are desperate. Please stay away from low paying jobs or else you will never get the good ones. Example, why would I hire you for a job worth hundreds of dollars if I can see that you did the same before for 1/10 or even less the price?


You can take a look at other medical writers and their profiles to get a feel of how much to charge.


All the best!

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Hi Intan Airlina and welcome to the Community.


I am happy to hear that the client was able to hire you. And I also would like to thank everybody who posted on this thread giving helpful suggestions.


Just to confirm, usually if a client receives the error "Offer Creation Failed," it means that the funding of a first milestone (or full budged) did not work. Usually it happens due to some issues with the client's payment method.

~ Valeria