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Iam in a trouble .

I got a project yesterday and the client asked to do the job immediatley and as per his wish.I do the job and submit with in 4 hours of time.Today i got a notification that the contract is in hold because the payment method is not verified in clients part.How to get the payment of work.Now the client is offline.

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I think you would have had to use the Upwork Time Tracker for the payment to be protected. Did you use the desktop app or add the hours manually?

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Community Manager

Hi Akhil, 

I'm sorry to learn about your contract. In order for your hours to be protected under the Hourly Protection program, you must: 

  • Have an Hourly contract
  • Work with a client with a verified billing method
  • Use an Upwork account in good standing
  • Log your hours with the Upwork Desktop App
  • Be visibly working on contract-related activity in your Work Diary
  • Annotate your Work Diary with memos or activities labels that describe the activity performed
  • Maintain adequate and fair activity levels
  • Stay within the contract's weekly limit

If none of these meet the hours you work on a contract, it doesn't fall under Hourly Protection. In the future, please make sure that you meet these guidelines before starting on an hourly contract/project with a client.

~ Avery
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