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Payment delay again

My contract is a weekly retainer


So my contract was paused by Upwork due to a card decline last week but my client already fixed the issue and now I'm showing pending payment for that week and said that my funds will be available on the 24th. And that's a payment for my work week between March 7-13, But I noticed that my payment for the workweek dated March. 14-20th is not showing up on my pending balance again. 


I'm also a Top Rated freelancer and Upwork said that my payment will no longer be advanced but the cut-off has been passed and I'm missing one workweek payment. I've been trying to reach out support but no response. 


Can anyone enlighten me with what's happening?



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I think that the March. 14-20th won't show up until this Sunday if you actually did work on the 20th, but I'm not positive.

According to the Support team the system did not trigger an invoice for this workweek. And I have to wait for further investigation. And since this is a weekly retainer contract, Upwork will not take accountability for this even though it's a system issue on their end. 


I'm positive that my client can agree to pay for this. But its just too much stress for both parties.

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Update: I called the Upwork Support team and Indeed they see No payment billed from the client. Apparently, since there was a declined payment. The system did not trigger a payment this Monday. 


They said that they will reach out to my client to address the issue. I feel so frustrated that I received payment delayed twice from this platform. It's no one's fault when it happened the first time but this one, I don't know how much time I have to wait again for this payment. Because when my client paid the other week's invoice I have to wait for 5 more days to get credited for it. And now I had to wait for another more weeks again for this to get investigated and credited on my account. 


This is my biggest contract and involves a good amount of money and that's what frustrates me even more. Sorry to rant here. 


Rant away, this is the place for it. In a friendly, non-abusive, constructive way, of course, which you will find everyone adheres to. We're a happy family. Just like in that Ramones song.

Hi Jonalyn, 

I'm sorry to learn about your experience. It sounds like you're referring to your client's Weekly Payment on Contract ID 29679852 and you being eligible for Faster Payouts. 

I looked into this for you, and I see the ticket where the team shared with you that only payments cleared on Fridays by 5 a.m. UTC for Faster Payouts will be processed to your account. If your client disputes your hours or their billing method cannot be successfully charged, your payment will be processed according to the regular Weekly Billing Cycle. Faster Payouts is a perk for being Top Rated.

I do not see any mention that this was a system error and would like to clarify that this is not an issue on our end. It means that the client was not successfully billed last Friday, and the system followed the regular Weekly Billing Cycle. If you can please share that ticket where the team confirmed that this was an error on our end, I'll look into this further. 


I would also like to clarify that you're not seeing anything under "In Review" for this contract because there were no hours logged on March 14-20. 

~ Avery
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