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Payment still “in review “

Okay y’all I need your help explain this to me / also to see if anyone else is having problems or if I’m just being impatient?? Idk HELP 😭😭😭

*note* I’ve had hourly contract jobs before and always got my payments released by Tuesday @ 5pm*

I started work for a new Client on Nov.10th.
I work that day (Wednesday) , Thursday & Friday. Sunday is when the pay period ended .Came out to $122

It has been in Review since Monday. I figured I would of gotten paid Tuesday but since it’s a new client I understand it might take a few days ?

Is this normal?
When will it go to pending / be available?
I don’t ever remember waiting this long to be paid .
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Hello, I think you confusing a little. Please read out this article.


As per your information and policies, Last week you worked so this week will be the review period for the client and payment will be released to you by coming Wednesday.
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Tiffany B wrote:
Is this normal?
When will it go to pending / be available?

Yes, it is normal and you get paid next Wednesday unless you are top rate (which you are not), in which case you'd have been paid today.


It follows the weekly billing cycle as all hourly contracts do.



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