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I completed two jobs last week one was hourly and the other one per project, both have been charged for it (they showed me screenshots). Both appear pending even though they paid on the due date, I try to reach Upwork support but there is no human to talk to. Both clients have raised tickets, and still no response. Does anyone know how to reach Upwork human support?

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There is a holding period for payments. You can see the date when they'll be released on the pending window.

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All right Mauricio, this might be of help. There are 5 days holding period from when your client approved your weekly billing circle which ends usually on Fridays to money being made available for withdrawal usually Wednesdays.  Kindly refer to this article here Get Paid for Hourly Contracts – Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help


With regards to your Fixed contract. There are also 5 days holding period until the money is made available for your withdrawal. Also, refer to this article on Upwork site Get Paid for Fixed-Price Contracts – Upwork Customer Service & Support | Upwork Help


Finally, your earnings are showing pending because they're still within the standard period in which Upwork holds money. From your description, your fixed contract earning should be available 5 days from when the client approved your milestone. 


From your Hourly contract, if I understand you correctly, your earnings should be available on Wednesday next week



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