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Paypal notice

At the top of the Find Work pages, I find the following "If you are using PayPal for payments, please check the "Get Paid" page for any financial account where PayPal is added. We have a new policy regarding PayPal usage."


However, I don't see anything new or different when I go to "Get Paid".  What's the deal?


Hi Mary,


I checked your account and I was not able to see the Paypal message in your account. Could you please try to clear your Upwork cache then try to log in again if you are still seeing the same message? Thanks!

~ Joanne
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I wrote in the wrong place, deleted) sorry.

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I have the same notice and  when I click Get Paid nothing looks different and there are no instructions on what I should do...Freelance Wordpress Jobs Online - Upwork.jpg

Yup. That's exactly what I see, too.  I'm not going to worry about it - yet.

I don't see it at initial login, I only see it when I refine my search. In my case: wordpress.

I don't have this but PayPal is my secondary method. I'm curious about the new rules too.

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I'm seeing the same message and can't see anything new when I go to the Get Paid page

Hi Siun, Jennifer, Alicia, and Mary,


Please refer to Lena's post here to learn more about the notification you are referring to.


Thank you.

~ Luiggi

Yes, I have the same notice but only when I'm on the search page, and when I go to the "get paid page" I see no changes!!

what is going on?

Don't know. And the link the moderator sent us to only adds more questions and no answers...

And yes, I cleared my cache and cookies and it's still there when I refine a search.

I did the same and now I have even deleted paypal and kept another payment method but I still get it!!

I suspect it's a bug, left over from a couple months ago when we were required to actually link our PayPal accounts to Upwork.

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