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Please help Cant log in to Upwork Mobile App

Can someone pls help me. I have been using my Upwork mobile App for a while now, I just logged out the other week and when I tried to log back in using the same password that I use and even face ID, but it is still asking me to verify an authenticator app code to continue. I downloaded an authenticator app but no codes are showing up, and so I tried the other method as suggested which is manual verification. A series of security questions to answer via the Upwork verification form. I put all my responses several times, including those fields with asterisk that require a response, and it is not going through. 

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Hey, Ritchell. I have never experienced something like and my expertise are quite limited. But you can try to uninstall and reinstall tha app and double check your credentials before trying to log in. If that doesn't work you can Contact Upwork Support. Hope that helps!



Hi Ritchell,


I'm sorry if you're having trouble logging on to the Upwork Desktop App. It could be a problem with the Sign in with Google feature. Try the following solution.


  • Disable authorization via Google. Go to Profile Settings -> Connected services -> [Sign in with Google] -> Disconnecting, then reattempt login via the desktop app.
  • Next, log in to your desktop app using your username only.

Please let us know if the issue persists and we'll look further into that for you. You may also want to visit this help article for known fixes that could work on your situation with the App.


~ Arjay
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Thank you for you helpp. Im now able to access my upwork mobile app🙂

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