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Please help! This Scam is crazy! With Virus link.

There are two people who contacted me as Upwork Talent Specialist and had a test gorilla link under the previous client's company name. I filled out all the information and submitted the proposal. I was trying to reach them for 3 days and then contacted previous client who reminded of such in November but I forgot. Only after reading chats did I remember it. Client also said the test gorilla link may contain virus. Now when I contacted, client said it's fake people using his company name as he/she warned in November itself. What should I do now?


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Please someone who is expert in this domain help. 

I thought these UTS only scammed freelancers on domain expert tests for an AI based Enterprise client.


Looks like Upwork team doesn't even know what happening in its name.

Hi Ms. Rekha,

I didn't know of any such. When I saw my previous client's company name, I was thrilled and it looked like same test and legit, so I filled all the information asked including personal data. 

Looking at their profile once again, it said, 60 freelancers needed but they have invited nearly 3000 freelancers on these jobs. 

I was thinking about it being a good spend on getting talented individuals only but then I checked it again. No reviews at all as the so called "Upwork Talent Specialist" mentioned to gain trust. Also, they don't contact back once you fill all the information.

Now, I wonder why did I think Upwork must not have such stuff. It's crazy but it happens even on such a huge platform like Upwork where we share all our details with the Company to continue benefitting mutually by earning and it getting It's commission. Now this third kind of scammers here is absolute no no to freelancers like us who know nothing of these scams.

Upwork has changed a lot in the last year and not in a positive way. 


Don't fill any forms for any job, and you'll be safe

It seems like that. I already mention, no contract or signing on any agreement from previous experiences but now this too. 


Will an administrator reply here? I guess I should have posted it in Support form..


Hi Manu,


I will look into this further and will get back to you once I have more information. Thank you for your patience. 


~ Nikola
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Hi Nikola, I will wait for your reply on this. I wonder if Upwork could also run the testgorilla link for the virus scan. I will share it, let me know.

Hi Manu,


I am sorry for the late response. I shared your reports with the appropriate team and one of our representatives already reached out to you via messages to share more information. If you have any additional questions feel free to communicate with our team via message and they will be happy to assist you.

~ Nikola
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Good evening Nikola, 

I received another message from same enterprise, now I need to add my email I'd, profile in a form they sent. Meanwhile, I know they can see my test results without it. 

Their test gorilla link is for PP(previous client shortened name) whereas my previous client has refused of any connection to them. I had a chat with the client today.

What do you mean by 'they can see my test results without it'?

You meant to say they may hacked your system?

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