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Poor pay

Upwork is allowing purveyors to post jobs where the reimbursement is as low as $5.00 per 500 words and then upwork takes their fee out of that. We have a minimum wage law in effect and upwork should be looking at this. It is embarrassing to be offered almost nothing for a skilled service.
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Upwork is not forcing anyone to bid on these jobs - whilst people agree to them clients will continue to post them!


Just flag them as "unrealistic expectations/budget to low" and move on.


Though i admit the amount of these jobs in the feed is rather annoying.

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Kathy: this is freelancing on a global platform. Minimum wage laws do not apply here.

Have your seen some of the writing done by some freelancers here? Not every freelancer is as skilled as you are. The rates you mentioned are generous relative to the skill level of some freelancers. The market is stratified. You may ignore job postings intended for people outside of your niche.

I did not realize it was global.
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There's nothing embarrassing about seeing a bad job posting and deciding not to respond to it. That's the beauty of being a freelancer--you have 100% control of which clients you choose to interact with and what your minimum requirements are.


You are also, of course, not covered by minimum wage laws, since you are self-employed.

It is the concept of minimum wage laws and what they stand for I am referring to. 

Good thing I get to decide on my rates and I don't have to care what everyone else does. I'm also glad that I don't get embarrassed over these things or I'd be a depressed angry person on Upwork.

I am not depressed or angry just shocked at the low performance that upwork tolerates on the point of both freelancers and their clients. It takes time to pour through innumerable poorly paid offerings and then to apply for a position that doesn’t honor their posted budget forcing me to waste connects, time communicating and the aggravation of dealing with a fraudulent posting.

Kathy S wrote:
It is the concept of minimum wage laws and what they stand for I am referring to. 

But, they're designed to protect employees, not business people. I don't want anyone (the government or Upwork) telling me how much I'm allowed to charge or accept for my services.

Kathy S wrote:
It is the concept of minimum wage laws and what they stand for I am referring to. 

As we're not employees they stand for absolutely nothing.


Kathy S wrote:
I did not realize it was global.

You say this as if it's a bad thing

I didn’t say it as if we’re a “bad” thing. You are projecting.
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