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I created a specialized profile and upload a portfolio on it. But its portfolio showing on the general profile too. I don't want to show it on the general profile because I specialized in biology and my general profile about general admin tasks and the client would not be interested to see biology-related assignments here.

What I can do please help 

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Hira, at the time of submiting any proposal it always ask you to select which Specialized profile you are going to link with it, it will be a small box showing your general profile in that box you can find all your profiles.

what would be if I select a general profile for proposal submission and it will show my biology-related portfolio.

Hi Hira,


Please note that a portfolio item will be assigned to a Specialized profile but all portfolio items will also show on the General Profile. I see that you've already created a separate Specialized Profile for Biology. You can use that to showcase your skills, experience and work history for that specialty instead of your general profile.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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