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Private Talent Cloud

Hi, I often see top rated/top rated plus freelancers that their profile say they are member 'Private talent cloud'. What does that actually mean? And how does that benifit you? Educate me on this please!

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Ask google


Hi Serajus,


A Talent Cloud is an Upwork Enterprise client's private network of professional freelancers and agencies. Clients sometimes prefer to engage freelancers and agencies who have experience working with their company. This feature lets them develop a network of reliable professionals, which they typically search first when they have a new project.

~ AJ

How do we get Access to those enterprise clients as a freelancers!!

Hi Parthkumar, 


In most cases, you join when you accept a contract with an Enterprise client. Clients may also ask you to join a Talent Cloud to become part of a pool of talent to consider for future work. You can find more irfnaomtion in this help article

~ Nikola
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I have read The Article that you shared with me, and Its help me to get idea how it's work.

Thank you Nikola

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Hi Serajus,

Thanks for your input on this. Can you also throw some light on how to be a part of 'Private Talent Cloud'? Do we need to approach Upwork Enterprise client or is there any other way?

I think Upwork has canceled this program.

update: Apparently talent clouds still exist, but Upwork has eliminated the program's previous direct promotion/access to freelancers.

oh that'w why we can't get see new talent cloud freelancers! right 


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