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I've always had my profile set to be visible only to logged-in Upwork users. Now I tried viewing my profile from here (the forums). When I did, it's showing my profile as "profile is not public."


I checked my settings, and it's still set as visible to logged in Upwork users. So I changed the settings to public, checked my profile, and still get the "profile is not public."

I contacted support, she checked my profile and was told that my profile settings is public. Which of course it should be, since I just changed it to public. What I was asking is why it's showing my profile as private when it is set to public, and even when it was (as always) set to be visible to logged in users.

Now again, I changed it back to be visible to logged-in Upwork users only. And since we have lots of very helpful
community members on here, can I ask you guys to please check on my profile if you're able to see it?


Just a "little" bothered, since clients are no longer getting email notifications about applicants, then what if prospect clients do decide to visit their post, check on the proposals, view the profiles, and when they view my profile (just in case, not saying they would, but just incase Smiley Wink ), then would they also get the "profile is not public" thingy? Or prospect clients always get to view applicants' profiles regarless of the settings?

Community Guru

It seems that profiles clicked on via the forum are only visible when the user has it set as public. This may be due to the fact that the forum is publically accessible.


it does NOT mean clients can not see your profile.


clients can find you in their applicants list as usual, don't go by what is visible when looking at things from the forum.



Thanks, Petra. However, "Profile is not public" is still there even AFTER I changed my settings to public. Woman Sad


Nevertheless, feels somehow relieved now, knowing that prospect clients would be able to see my profile.

Community Guru

@Harizza O wrote:

Thanks, Petra. However, "Profile is not public" is still there even AFTER I changed my settings to public. Woman Sad


Changes in profile settings take a few hours to take affect, that's why. You checked too soon 😀