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I wrote for the NYTimes Syndicate as a weekly columnist (appeared in more than 100 newspapers worldwide), am a ghostwriter/joke writer for writer who create for Late Night, eg Jay Leno, have been a magazine editor, English adjunct professor, and more. Surely I qualify, am I correct? Have I been rejected because I filled a form out incorrectly? If I have been accepted, where would I fill out my profile?

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Community Manager

Hi Beth,


It looks like you haven't completed your profile yet. When you log into your account, you'll see steps you need to complete in order to complete it. Once you complete your profile, you can submit it for a review.


Here are some resources to help you complete your profile:


Create a 100% Complete Freelancer Profile


How to Build Your Freelancer Profile on Upwork



~ Valeria

Hello Beth,


Your profile is empty.


In order to fill it till 100%, please, follow the instructions below:


Create a 100% Complete Freelancer Profile


You can find your profile in the section "Profile" in the "Find Work" menu tab.




Beth, welcome aboard & good luck. I Googled you a bit, you seem to be an interesting lady. I imagine you shouldn't have much trouble creating a Portfolio section for your profile -- it's a place to showcase some of your biggest hits, so to speak.

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