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Promoting my profile with ads

When I tried to promote my profile with ads, I only got 5 impressions on the first day. Beyond that it has been absolutely zero impressions.


I tried increasing my connects per click from 5 to 20 to see if that will solve the problem but it didn't solve it. It's still absolutely zero.


That left me to speculate that Upwork is somehow supressing my profile. Keep in mind that my profile barely get any views even when the avaliability badge is turned on - and I'm not the only one complaining of low profile views. So i decided to make use of Upwork ads.


Another thing I noticed with Upwork ads is the fact that they don't let users promote specific profiles or target certain demographics with their ads. I want to use this opportunity to request that Upwork add this feature to Upwork Ads.

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When I tested the profile boost feature, 1-2 months ago, I learned that the first 5 or 6 impressions are always showing no matter what you bid. After that, if you don't get any impressions, bid higher! In my case, I had to bid 25 to get the traffic going.



I placed a bid of 20 connects and that didn't work. Well, I'm going to follow your advice and place a higher bid. Let's see how that goes.


I would appreciate if Upwork could allow users to set their target demographic when promoting their profiles with ads.

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