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What is the best introduction to your proposal that works everytime and get a client to respond?

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Nobody has a 100% response rate. 

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the first thing you want to do with any proposal is simply making sure you get their attention right away and then show the client that you read their job. the second move is to show that you know what you’re doing as clients don’t care about you; they care about what you can do for them, and to do so, you have to simply share a portfolio item that’s relevant to their job. Finally, ask a question that’s relevant to their job. 

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You should start with Hi (name)! Write a few words about yourself and the experience you have regarding the job post. Try to appeal to their needs and always create a custom offer! Be polite and give them the opportunity to set an appointment to discuss details. Remember that nobody gets a 100% response rate so be patient with sending proposals and good luck!



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