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Question about Job Satisfaction with only Two Clients' Feedback

I have had three clients so far. I am still working on an open contract with one, and two others have been completed. Those two rated me 5.0 and 4.85. I just found out that my job satisfaction is 88%. Is it normal to already have a job satisfaction score if you only have two completed contracts? This seems so low, and I understand that there are many factors that are taken into consideration in scoring, but it just seems odd to be scored with only two reviews. Somehow that client's 4.85 review has really dropped my score down, and it seems that it wouldn't have been so bad if I had other reviews. Thanks.

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Have you had any contracts that resulted in 0 earnings?

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I believe the threshold for JSS is not number of contracts, but their cumulative dollar value. Congratulations on scoring some decent contracts out of the gate, even if one did not pan out as well as the client (or you) might like.


Keep working. When you have few contracts, or low overall volume, the JSS impact of individual contracts is greater. Many veterans advise not stressing over the particulars of the algorithm, and focusing on superior service, knowing that occasionally buyers and sellers just don't connect at the "perfect" level, or that some clients keep their dissatisfactions to themselves until they fill out the private evaluation.

Best bellwether of JSS is the My Stats "Clients Who Would Recommend" percentage.

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We don't know exactly how that score is calculated, but the question the client is asked to answer is on a scale of 1 to 10. Does it not seem plausible that the client who gave you 5 stars gave you a 10 and the other gave you an 8?


ETA: perhaps I misunderstood what you meant by "job satisfaction." I thought you meant the number on your stats page that is informed by private feedback, but it seems others think (perhaps correctly) that you mean JSS.

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