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Re: upwork profile

Hi Lisette , Am so sorry to hear that you are not getting views or engagement on your profile. I can see that you are a beginner, and I want you to know that even the Top-rated freelancers have this same problem. The recent overhaul of Upwork's operation mechanism such as Paying for profile views, more connects apply for jobs, proposal boosting etc have made it impossible to get any profile views, especially for professionals who are new to the platform. But, I think there's hope for you. If I were you, I would start completely overhauling the profile to be more authentic about your experience (change teh tone from corporate jargon to a more conversational one), unique project approaches, and results you have achieved for other clients or at your previous job if you have done anything remarkable.


You should also pick a specific service and stick to it because offering many services will have the clients doubt your capabilities and reliability. Finally, show clients what you can do for them. I know your profile is about you, but adding a little element of how your clients can benefit from hiring you will go a long way. I hope this helps and good luck finding your first job!

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