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unresponsive client

hello. i have been working with a client and asked me to do a 5 specific books and he paid for it. afterwards he asked me to do more and i trusted him because he already paid me once and has a verified account. he didnt fund the milestone and now he is not replying anymore. I know i shouldve asked for funding the milestone first before doing another job with him. i was wondering if upwork can message him directly or something i really need it.


I already posted about this last month but I didnt get any help. I just hope upwork can reach him and tell him to pay.


Thankyou so much

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Hi Ivan, am so sorry you had to go through that. I don't think Upwork can do anything here because their guidelines don't recommend working on projects whose millstones have not been funded. Don't trust anyone and protect your interests at all times. However, I think, you can appeal for the client to be kicked off the platform because I bet he has done this with other freelancers. Protect yourself at all times and good luck!

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