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Refund connects when application's withdrawn, please

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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@Michael P wrote:

> I can't believe this has not yet been resolved. 


It has been resolved already. They have created the non refundable connects and it works pretty well.


> Many jobs - possibly even a majority - do not end in hiring at all. 


How did you manage to get this data? Upwork doesn't share its data.


> Probably 90% of my experiences is just like that. 


Oh sorry, it was just a wrong turn of phrase. In your experience many jobs...


> There are some who will extract information from you only to never decide on a hire in the end. 


Wait, this sounds like unpaid consultation. If the client needs your expertise, they have to pay for, don't give it away for free. Some people do this in the hope of being hired, which explains many never hires: the client already got what they needed for free.


> Sometimes I tink most of Upwork activity is just fake, generated for the benefit of the company 


They are pushing this scheme very far since I'm hired, and paid, all the time on those fake jobs.


> 1. Obscene 20% up to $500 per client. 10% after that.


This is a simple calculation Michael, those fees can be viewed as marketing costs. If by not using Upwork your costs to get contracts are lower than Upwork fees, it means that Upwork doesn't work for you. In this case complaining about Upwork, and using Upwork, is a waste of time. 


If on the other hand, it costs you more to get contracts outside of Upwork - the investment that you need to promote yourself exceeds Upwork's fees -, then, and in this case only, what the frak are you complaining about?



> 2. $10 membership fee 


What membership fee? What for? I never paid any membership fee.

> 3. $1 per connect 


I never paid nothing for connects. I have 60 of those every month for free. The day I can't make enough out of those 60 connects, I will leave Upwork.


> 4. $30 for international wire + practically a week to clear your funds even if they are prepaid. 


Unfortunately, as far as I understand this, those are banking costs for some countries that Upwork has no much control over.


> 5. 2.75% payment fee on the client side.


Yeah, that one I'm not that happy about.


> And you still don't want to refund goddamn connects on jobs that never close? 


They won't and I invite you to read all the arguments that have been written in support of this. Refund connects and you will only have more spam. There already is enough spam.


Upwork seems happy with the way connects work, successful freelancers are happy with the way connects work, there will be no changes in their policy.


I'm afraid that you will have to incorporate this system in the way you use Upwork, because non refundable connects are here to stay. That being said, I'm sure there are other platforms that have no connects.



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Chir Siang L Member Since: Sep 30, 2017
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What if instead of not refunding anything at all, how bout refunding 50% of the connect used to propose for a job? Wouldn't that work great? It will not totally make the connect worthless, and freelancer can choose to either wait it out or, get 1 connect back if the client is non responsive.  

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Lisa D Member Since: Aug 19, 2010
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If I could go into a joint venture with Former O'Desk Elance and now Upwork - I would certain hire regular staff and part time contractors like me. As for connects not being returned - Upwork has not made it available that in the allotted time of 28 days max - an auto-response would come to all of us - to either put it to rest because A) the famous nonresponsive future exploiter employer will not longer deal with Upwork or, B) someone has been hired and it is in the Job Post now. It shall be removed on a later date pending another contract. Upwork may have a good platform but he forgets that people either rely or do not rely on online services. Building a clientèle means that some of his future perspectives may want to deal with outside sources along their regular payroll staff and so can Upwork. He hires with a salary and certain benefits - his best services (good return) and gives others a chance. One day even doing some overflow for publishers - I would prefer that. This is my answer from a few connects nonresponsive Upwork reflecting what he is projecting - no reply. We would get straight answers if I was part of this organisation that's for sure.

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Halil K Member Since: Sep 8, 2018
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Even though, this is a very old post, I think this issue should be reconsidered since connects are not free any more. You have to pay for each job post you want to apply. And there are many posts which don't end up with a hiring.


If buyers do not hire a freelancer until job post has expired, connects should be refunded to the freelancers.

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Lisa D Member Since: Aug 19, 2010
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if jobs are guaranteed at least 5 or 6 post per 10 requests - that brings
on a revenue. Otherwise, I have the same chances in writing my own
articles, booking them on Amazon. Thanks.
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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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Lisa D wrote:
if jobs are guaranteed at least 5 or 6 post per 10 requests - that brings
on a revenue. Otherwise, I have the same chances in writing my own
articles, booking them on Amazon. Thanks.

Have you tried this? How's it working out for you?