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Removing a message from a conversation


I have had a client asking me about my email, and i haven't made attention about the TOS so i sent it but after like 1 - 2 min, i had a doubt so i googled it and find out that it's forbidden and that can risk having a suspesion or even get banned, the only idea came to my mind is to remove that message and ask the client nicely and inform him about it !

So my question is, may i get suspended or banned because of such a mistake ? I have reported those messages but the was right after ! is removing a message from my side in a conversation with a client will remove it in his side aswell !

Sorry for those questions, and thanks for your help !

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I don't think it's possible to remove a message from the chat / messages sequence. I've tried, but I don't think there's a way for freelancers to do so. If you understand your mistake and clarified it with him, and simply don't repeat the mistake, you should be ok.

Okay, thanks for your help!

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