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Removing profile

Hi, I'm new to Upwork. I still haven't been hired on this platform, and I realize that at the moment looking for a job here would be too time-consuming, since I already have a job, which used to be part-time but my working hours have increased in the last month. I know that in a few months I will have the proper time to dedicate to looking for a job as a freelancer again. I know that as a new freelancer I have a period of 50 days of not earing before my profile gets set on private, but I was wondering how long before my profile gets deleted from the platform? Could my profile be inactive for a few months and then resume the job search normally? What will the consequences of my inactivity be? How can I turn it back to active then? Thanks in advance.

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Having your profile set to private does not prevent you from looking for a job, it only prevents a client from seeing your profile in a search and inviting you to a job.  Clients will still see your profile if you apply to one of their jobs and anyone with the direct link to the profile will see it.


If you are earning money on a project it will be public and then will turn back to private if you have not earned on Upwork for 30 days:



Profiles are never deleted for inactivity. 



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