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Scam (again)?



I recived an invitation for an hourly job as an editor.



They asked me to do a quick editing test (which I had no problem with, it was short and simple)

Now I've been told that I passed the test and that we need to train, for 90 mins or so.


I haven't received a contract for this, the client has 0 hires and no payment method verified.

Told them I'd wait for the contract so we can start training.... and they replied that they used paypal for this process. So I refused.


Upwork, please explain this person that this is not a work-for-free platform.


Thank you




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Fernanda,


Please submit a Support request and share the message you received, along with the client's and job post details, so we can review and take appropriate action against the client in question.


Thank you.

~ Vladimir

Report them. They need to pay you 3 hours for your time if they want you to sit in any type of training.


Personally, I wouldn't do any training for anything. I have 20 years in IT. Unless they want to pay me to get a cert, they can bugger off. I probably know more than they do.

Reported under #6709826

And flagged

Asking a contractor to do a quick editing test is perfectly legitimate... As long as the contractor is paid.


Asking a contractor to take a training course is perfectly fine, as long as the contractor pays for the training or provides the treaining for free, AND pays the contractor for her time to undergo the training, at the contractor's regular hourly rate.


Otherwise, the "client" is wasting the contractor's time AND is probably just a scammer, with no real job in sight.