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I had to give it one star that I would like back. I am a French interpreter. Upwork is a complete scam. They do not have work, except for a few $20-projects from**Edited for community guidelines**from which you’ll never get paid. Do not sign up with them. They’ll ask you to buy “connects” which are tokens needed to apply to projects. I’m pretty sure those projects do not exist, and it is just a way to rip you off. I’m wondering why there isn’t already a class action lawsuit against them.

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I get your point, bro, and you have every reason to be angry... But I want to tell you that UPWORK is not a scam!!

There are thousands of jobs here on Upwork but before you can get one, you have to complete all the steps needed. You can't just expect to get a job when you have a poor profile description, you can't expect upwork clients to invest in you when you have poorly written proposals.

You just have to meet an expert who can guide you from setting up your profile properly to learning how to craft a winning proposal and updating your portfolio section.


The only thing I could agree with you is that Upwork has gotten so expensive, and they also bring on a lot of features where freelancers will spend more money boosting their profiles and project catalogs, and Upwork is just earning from it... That's my problem with them... But apart from that, bro, get yourself prepared and come back, I promise you will get clients.

Do you think, a job with scam client on this Upwork platform requires freelancers to spend on "connect" but they don't get the job because of this scam client .For example a job scam with proposal 8- 10 connect (about 10 freelancers submitting proposals with an average rate). This Client scam has helped the Upwork platform suck the blood of freelancers but Upwork platform has no way to fix problem the damage for freelancers.Truly cruel


Yeah, that's really not nice at all.. And i think Upwork just puts all their focus on freelancers who spend a lot trying to get a job, any single mistake by a freelancer will get the account suspended. While they feel so relaxed about scammers inform of client... This should be what they should work on and reduce the cost of applying for job. Freelancers came to get job not to spend the little ones they have!

Too bad freelancers never bother to read the rules, but they sure are quick to post about the unfairness of it all.


What do you mean, that's really not nice at all? It isn't even true. You would think people would find out, educate themselves, before declaring something publicly.


If it's a scam, and you didn't participate in the scam, and you report it to Upwork, you get your connects back.


Freelancers rarely get their accounts suspended, much less closed. At least 25% are breaking Upwork's rules every day, and Upwork does nothing. The platform would be much better, if Upwork actually followed their own Terms and kicked people permanently.


Upwork should increase the amount of money for proposals. Cue the screaming about the unfairness! The more people, the more connects, the more scammers, cheats, fakes on both sides, and the people who have no marketable skills or interest in being self-employed - the worse it is for genuine freelancers, clients, and the platform.

If you encounter a scam, do not participate, and report it to Upwork, you get your connects returned. So much for your conspiracy theory.

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