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Searching a meaningful client

Hello Upwork Community!


I just stumbled onto this forum tonight and am so excited to find a space that offers support and guidance. I have been on this platform since 2017. As a military spouse who moved all over the world, Upwork has provided an excellent opportunity to have a career and contribute professionally to various clients.


This last year, I was in a long-term contract with a client that did not end well. It became apparent that my work and contributions were not valued within their company. So I have decided to change directions and look for other opportunities. I have been very fortunate to land a few interviews already. However, even these interviews seem very cold and not personable. 


It has been a while since I have been on an active search in Upwork, and maybe I am out of touch a bit. Is this the new normal? Do clients view us as robots who will complete tasks for them, or do they care at all about the human behind the screen? I am curious about how others approach client relationships, especially long-term ones. 

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Like anything, it is a mixed bag. If all of the clients were terrible, most experienced and established (and well-earning) freelancers would have vacated by now. One thing that can increase the likelihood that the clients will be good is your pay rate. From what others have said, higher pay on your profile tends to result in a better experience with clients. Certainly, there will not be any bargain-hunters for you to encounter!

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