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Should this be flagged?

I saw this job being posted advertising $5/hr + 5 star feedback as compensation.

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What's Upwork's stance against this kind of thing? It seems like a pretty dishonest way to lower prices, makes the rating system less relevant, and probably goes against TOS.


It is indeed against T&Cs to bargain with feedback. Flag it, for what it's worth.

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Community Manager

Hi Corey,


Thank you for pointing it out. I'll follow up with the team regarding that job posting.

~ Valeria

And how about the one with this in its title? I could be wrong but I think it stands for a vulgarity: I understand the abbreviation to mean 'what I f*ing mean'.Part of job title


I really hope I'm wrong on this because it would be hard to believe that someone could post something like this on here. There are some other offensive statements in the listing. I wasn't even interested in submitting a proposal for this one but it just stood out.




WIFM = "What's in it for me?"


Not a joke. I think that's what was meant here.

I contacted CS some weeks ago about a job posting where the client threatened freelancers with a low rating in case he didn't like the output. CS told me that his verbalizing  of giving a low rating for an output that didn't conform to his requirements was but normal.

Ha ha ha. I stand corrected. Thanks! What a relief, though.