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Someone wanted my Upwork account

I was contacted on another site and the individual wanted me to give them access to my Upwork account and pay me monthly for using my account. Anyone else have this happen?


I think it is against the ToS, you better not do it.

Hieu T
Vietnamese translator

Yes, Jeff. We have been seeing many reports about those scammers operating on Freelancer.com, offering to pay Upwork freelancers to use their account.


Obviously anybody caught doing that would get kicked off of Upwork.


My advice: Stay off that site. It's simply unusable as far as I'm concerned. One of the reasons people are using Upwork instead is because Upwork has worked so hard to protect freelancers from scammers. And also because Upwork doesn't charge freelancers to use the site unless they earn money.


That site makes money off of charging fees from freelancers who are not earning anything and never will.


Jeff:  You seem to be a seasoned, mature guy.  Ask that question yourself and I am sure you will come up with right answer.

Indeed why compromise your upwork account?...

The answer is really obvious.


Just report their account and release us from that problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jeff, 

As the Community members confirmed, this is a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service. If you are able to share more information about this experience to me through a private message, I will go ahead and have the team look into it. Thank you!

~ Avery
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