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Suspended account

Hi. My collegue account is suspended. He is not able:

- to create a topic like this

- to login support.upwork.com (has redirect to his account)

This is very unfriendly from the Upwork.

Can please anybody help with it?

This is a link to a suspended account:

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Hi Natalia,

Sorry to hear about your colleague. We won't be able to discuss another user's account status here for privacy reasons. Thank you for understanding.


Okay.  Lets no discuss other accounts. But maybe you can tell the reason why suspended account has no ability to get help from uprowk? Maybe there are some other ways to contact support? 

For example what should i do if my account is susopended. As i see - i will no be able to contac upwork at all ((((

Look. To write to you - is the single possibility to unsuspend account. There is no other possibilities


When a user's account is suspended, they receive a notification from Upwork informing them about their account status, and steps to take to reinstate their account if any are available.

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