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Unable to Accept Offer!

Hi !! 

I'm unable to accept the Offer sent by A Client! Upwork shows an error which says:-

An error has occurred. Please try again later"

Please see the below-attached screenshot. Before One of the agents from Upwork comes up with an excuse that This is Happening because the client's address might not be verified so I want to Let You Know that The Client had already spent some amount on this Platform.

I've also attached another screenshot that Shows that the Client's Payment method and Address are verified and He had already spent some amount Before.

Please Resolve this Bug and transfer the case to A member of customer support to reach out and assist me directly via email. Thanks! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Hamza,


Could you please clear your cache and cookies or log in with another browser to check if you’re still experiencing the same issue?


Let us know if the issue persists.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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