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Unable to use Upwork app on my Huawei Nova 2i android phone.

This is Niloy Rudra here. I joined Upwork last year and have been trying to improve my profile since then. A few months ago, when the app got a new update, I could not use the Upwork app on my mobile as it has Android v8. I haven't got any updates for my mobile in the last couple of years, probably. That app supports Android v9^. It's tough for me to upgrade my mobile right now. The situation is not favorable for me. So, please guide me here. What should be a better approach?

Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.

Niloy Rudra


Hi Niloy,


Unfortunately, the Upwork Mobile app only supports Android 9 or above with Google Play services. However, you should have the option to use a mobile web version using your device’s browser. Thank you for reaching out and raising this query. 


~ Arjay
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Hello Arjay,

Thank you so much for your response, and I am really happy to have a suggestion from you. Really appreciate it! Actually, the issue I have been facing these days is, it requires the mobile app to authenticate me while doing any editing in my profile information. This makes thing a little sad for me.

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