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Unprofessional Review

I've just started on Upwork, had a few jobs. The recent one ended on bad terms. I wrote a one star review, and was expecting the same, but the client flat out lied in his review accusing me on multiple counts. That too after one successful milestone. The review is the worst possible on Upwork. I've read that reviews can be removed at the cost of compromising JSS. I don't know what the proper recourse is. What should I move forward, any advice would be appreciated.

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Upwork doesn't fix freelancers' reviews. That's some other platform. 

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I believe you have to be Top Rated to have a review removed...if you just started on the Upwork platform you wouldn't have this status. I'm not sure if you're able to cancel the job entirely (which would involve returning any monies paid). Perhaps someone else can chime in...

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