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Unresponsive clients

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Tea D Member Since: Dec 13, 2017
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Recently, my JSS has lowered from 100 to 95 percent. I suspect it is because of one or both of two contracts which have been completed succesfully but after paying the clients have not closed the contracts, have not left feedback and also have been unresponsive to my messages where I explained how the JSS works while asking nicely for them to close the contracts. What should I do, since I am not sure if closing the contracts myself will further affect my JSS?

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Rizelle Anne G Member Since: Jun 15, 2017
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It also happens to me. I leave it because I am thinking of doing another contract with them but it seems like 6 months ago already or it's been a year and we haven't contacted each other, yet. Then, I try to message them again to close contract and give some feedback. Also, remind them that I am just here if they need me again. Luckily after few tries of messaging them with the same agenda. They closed the contract and give me a good feedback. :-)