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Upwork Dispute



I'm very frustrated with the Upwork dispute. I came here with an issue regarding a client whom I was working with whom I delivered work for and who does not want to make full payment for my work. The case was escalated to dispute and now, it's so unfair how the dispute has turned out. 


The client has delivered an untrue statement about everything. Despite all the evidence that I shared and the fact that the client lies about our conversation, which is available on Messenger is now the one winning. The upwork dispute agent has stated that the case will proceed to arbitration. 


The arbitration is way too expensive and I cannot manage. Now, I give up on the case and the money in escrow will be refunded to the client. 


It's so sad watching time and effort all go down the drain. I do not have $337.50 USD for arbitration which is why I quit. My client even threatened me with a negative review, which will all be a lie, since I delivered my work. To make it worse, the content is published on the client's website. 


I have a question, why then do we need to file for dispute when a client can lie and get away with a case? Now, I quit on this case as I do not have the $337.50 USD for arbitration. Also, the client was to pay $50.00. 


It's very unfair and I'm very frustrated. 


Why should such a client make a way with it? It's very unfair. 


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I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. It's disheartening to see so many cases like this on Upwork. Clients taking advantage of freelancers and lying to win disputes is incredibly frustrating. We put in so much time and effort, only to see it go down the drain without proper support. The arbitration cost is prohibitively high, making it difficult for many of us to fight back. We deserve a better platform that secures and supports us in these situations. I hope Upwork can address these issues and provide more protection for freelancers.


Stay strong, and I hope things get better for you.

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This is extremely upsetting to see ANOTHER example of Upwork allowing a client to abuse a Freelancer.

Upwork Upper Management - we notice what is happening here and it is disgusting.  Protect the Freelancers who give this platform value!  

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This isn't abuse. This is what you agree to when you use escrow. It's partially why I quit using escrow. Only create hourly contracts if you don't want to deal with this and follow payment protection rules. 

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