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Upwork Milestone not Approved Automatically after 14 Days

Hi, I completed a milestone and submitted it for review. The client messaged that they are unable to approve the milestone and were facing some issues. For the next 14 days client texted several times repeating the same. However, I was not worried because I know Upwork automatically approves milestones. After 14 days, I got a notification saying "Milestone was not approved". This has never happened before and I tried to look but Upwork gave no reason for this. The client did not deactivate their account and their payment is also verified and they are also unable to understand the issue. 


I once again submitted the milestone for approval, and again the client is saying they are unable to approve it, 14 days will end next week. I do not get why this is happening and I have no way to contact Upwork to release my payment as it's almost been a month since I completed the work and submitted it. 

Please help. 

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Each time you submit the milestone for approval, it resets the period to 0 and the count of 14 days restart. That is why you have been waiting for a month.


It is true that after 14 days the milestone is released, but Upwork still need to charge the client successfully for the money to be released to you.


That doesn't sound right. There's no reason resubmission would result in a "milestone not approved" notification. 

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  • Hello. I am having the same problem. It's 14 days since I submitted work and funds have NOT been automatically released. The funds were activated and on the milestones page, it specifically states that the funds will be released today, the 23rd March. (Since then I have spoken with the client about the next milestone and even completed it but he hasn't actually activated that milestone, so I am wondering if there is a problem with this client's account and what I can do?). TIA 

Hi Penny,


Since your client has 14 days to review the Milestone, that means that today they still have a chance to do it. Please allow the day to be over and the funds should be released automatically if the client does not take any action.



Hi, Penny.


It is usually a very bad idea to work on a milestone that is unfunded. The client can accept that work if you submit it before the milestone is funded and never pay you for it.

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