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Upwork Permanent Account Suspension

Have certain doubts regarding the Permanent Account Suspension, which is not very clearly specified on Upwork, Just a thought so everyone is clear -

1 - What happens to the ongoing contracts, Can we still login hours and submit the work which is being continued and client wants us to work?

2 - What about previous week's earning, will we get that and also about this week's earning?

3- Also, how can challenge the Account suspension which is not based on true instances?


Hi Vartika,


You are expected to comply with all Upwork Terms of Service and the failure to do so can result in account holds. You can learn more about this here. Thank you.

~ Joanne

I couldn't find anything related to current contracts and the funds withdrawl, It would be great if you could have a clear answer regarding the current funds and funds which the freelancer has already worked for in last week

Hi Vartika,


We can't advise on a general scenario but feel free to reach out to me directly via a private message with more information/ account details and I'll be more than happy to take a look and provide an update.

~ Vladimir
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