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Upwork Plus Benefits

Good evening everyone!

Can anyone speak to the benefits of Upwork Plus beyond what's posted under Membership Plans? I just recently rekindled my love for this platform and I'm wondering if it's worth the jump to Plus. I wind up buying 60-100 connects a month so the 70/month is definitely appealing.


I'm more curious about other people's experience; is it worth seeing the competitor's bids and keeping my earnings confidential, are there other benefits that aren't listed (such as a badge on your profile that shows you're a Plus subscriber - and does this even change the client's mind about you)? Any help would be appreciated 🙂 



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I think it's pretty darn convenient to see others' bids. I've only recently blocked my previous job paid amounts so I can't speak to that too much yet, but I think we also show up more/sooner than regular accounts. If you're buying credits that regularly, I say go for it!

Jennifer N wrote:

 I think we also show up more/sooner than regular accounts. 

You're not showing up more or sooner than regular accounts and hiding your earnings is detrimental as you are excluded from any searches that filter by earnings, many clients won't invite people who hide their previous earnings and clients you apply to can see all your previous earnings anyway.


I occasionally switch to the paid plan because seeing the bid range is interesting and amuses me (people thinking bidding low gets them good clients) but that's about it.


I use very few connects so buying them would be cheaper but I haven't done so yet (still got plenty from when I last used the Plus plan.)


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I have the plus plan.  It's helpful to see the bid amounts.  If my rate is way out of the range sometimes I pass on applying.  I agree not to hide your earnings.  Most freelancers don't earn anything so if you have a few jobs under your belt, kudos to you.  


I also enjoy automatically getting the 70 connects each month.  These days I haven't purchased more than this amount.  Try it for a month and if it isn't beneficial for you, cancel.  

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