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I've got a new contract from my existing client with whom I've 6000+ hours of work. Since it is the new contract will the service fee of UpWork be 20% until 1K dollars?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Bidyut,


Looks like this contract is with the same client/company as the previous one. If so, then your service fee will not be reset. To learn more about our freelancer’s fees check out this help article.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan,


Thanks for the confirmation.

I was actually confused with the statement "This includes all contracts you’ve ever had with that client" under Freelancer Service Fees.


In my case is the above statement indicates the 5% service fee? Please help me to understand.


Thank you


Hi Bidyut,


This means that with the new contract with the same client, your sliding fees will stay the same and not reset back. You will continue to have the sliding fees that you currently have with your client. 

~ Joanne

Thanks for the confirmation.