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Upwork Tracker

I'm trying to log in on my Upwork tracker however, whenever I click to turn it on it's not letting me. I try to install and uninstall the beta version or standard but still, I'm not able to turn on the tracker. I am using MacBook Air and the software is macOS Monterey version 12.2.


Hi Renee Angela,


Could you please check the troubleshooting steps shared here? If the issue persists, please follow the step on how to report a problem on the same help article so our team can check on the issue as soon as possible. Thanks!

~ Joanne

Hi. No. Because it was 3 days ago since I message Upwork but no one reply. Anyway, I'm good now. Since I don't have a choice and all the trouble shooting is not working, I decided to restore factory my laptop. 

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 I tried the steps and connect using my google account but still the same. The tracker is just loading. Thank you! I have already reported the problem. I'll wait for their response. 

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