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Upwork UX change

Hii There!


I just wanted to give suggestions to Upwork, brand colour is amazing and earlier state board as well

but nowadays it orange red for Jss and client relationship, so as per colour psychology and UX colour theory red and orange use for warning or alert and it's not give positive or full fill vibes to users.

blue or green are on calm side which represent they are working good and authentic as your earlier Jss colour is blue and that's sound perfect as per colour psychology that what affect directly to user.


and another is profile view and proposal send dashboard it's now vivid cyan looks Ohkay and not matching with your brand alignment..you can use blue, vivid blue, or may be lighter green similar to your brand or vivid blue also fine.


so overall dashboard or "my state" section required to looks like authentic so more use calm colour on blue, green side but red are clearly warning side it's looks negative impact on jss same like your battery is low and it's green when it's full charge. 

I just observe as a psychology of colour point of view which directly develop trust in seller, freelancers, clients too. And specifically freelancers when they see their dashboard they must be motivated and get positive vibes that encourage to work more for their clients...talents are as important similar like clients too..I am what colours on client dashboard that effect their thoughts too..and if you want to indicate 5 stars :glowing_star: choose bright or sunny yellow which is more on gold side currently it's dull yellow.


It's just suggestion 😊 may be that can improve platform and you are getting direct user feedback so that good point for you too!


Best regards,



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I would like to heard other ideas too...it's my perceptive, different people have different views 


Hi Khushbu,


Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions; we appreciate them! I'll be sure to share this with the team for consideration. 

~ Luiggi

Thank you so much for your quick action!

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