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Upwork poor support

I don't know if you have noticed but for some time, this platform has been in decline with many of its tools and services: search for contracts, clients and freelancers; the payment systems, the fees they charge us in relation to the services they provide, the platform is full of thieves, scammers, spam, disrespectful customers, people who open contracts to get free jobs, irresponsible freelancers; the technical service helps little or nothing when it comes to problems that affect our money or our work, here on this platform they value you more for a poor review, than for the good performance in the thousands of jobs that are successfully completed with that system useless called JSS. which is a simple shadowban filter for clients and freelancers. and now with this scandalous and deplorable act against clients and workers who live in russia and are going through a serious situation. I don't know, but these people clearly care little or nothing about the people who work here, the only thing that interests them is the exorbitant amounts of money they earn daily from all of us. It's a shame and I don't know if you agree that these people have terrible business practices. Now the question is: what should we do? share your feelings

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