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Upwork service quality


My latest post has been removed so I will try to rephrase it to make it more acceptable for moderators. I have been watching Upwork for over 6 years and I made a significant amount of money for myself AND Upwork platform. My complains:

  • still very high fees
  • downgrading profiles to make even more money on premium profiles
  • ridiculous rules that regulate profile ratings
  • turning profile private if no money is earned for the last 30 days (turn it back to public after providing a fee or receiving payment)
  • serious technical issues (disappearing profile badges and so on) that could be prevented by software testing before it is deployed to production servers


All of the above factors make freelancers less effective because Upwork _sabotages_ them. From other comments it can be clearly seen that getting a job has been harded int the last few months. That's probably because of the fact that the economy is going down. BUT it does not mean that Upwork should sabotage freelancers. It appears to be counterintuitive. Upwork should be promoting freelancers so that it gains more money itself.


P.S. I am sorry for my previous emontionally loaded post.


Petra R wrote:

Olga P wrote:

As I repeat on and on - this is place for clients, for those gods of money. Not for those who work. I cannot do anything but laugh because some day all these whales understand one thing - every tyranny creates rebels. Freelancers are treated like garbage everywhere, clients like gods - everywhere.

Sorry, Olga... you can not speak for "freelancers" as a whole. Everyone has a different story and everyone manages their freelancing business differently.

Personally I have not yet been "treated like garbage" by a single client ever (but I choose my clients carefully) on Upwork or elsewhere.


"Tyranny?" - I mean seriously? Nothing allows as much freedom as freelancing.


Can't speak for me either.  I've never been treated like garbage . Have I had clients I don't care to work with again? Who hasn't? But they've never treated me like garbage, nor did I look upon them as "gods".