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Useful "budget calculator" feature suggestion

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Richard P Member Since: May 6, 2016
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I'm probably shouting into the wind here, but why not at least mention this. I've used Upwork as both a client and freelancer, and one big missing feature is a budget calculator.


How about adding an (optional) client-side estimated budget calcutotor? Something along the lines of, "Jobs requiring __ skillsets, of __ length, that had a 90%+ positive feedback, require an average budget of ___."


For example: I post a writing job and press the optional "estimate budget wizard." It asks me for at least 2 relevant skills (copy editing, proofreading, ghost writing, etc), length of my work (in word count or pages) and time frame (in days).


Upwork's algos go through all relevant jobs with the same (or +/- 1 SD or some other offset) criteria. Then calculates the average (or median) price for all those similiar jobs that resulted in 5-star feedback for both client and freelancer.


Upwork can even add a certain adjusting figure of +X% to drift prices higher, if need be.


The point is, some similiar approach would surely boost Upwork's overall earnings, as well as ease disconnects between freelancers and clients. Especially new ones.

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Richard,


Thank you for your suggestion. We'll forward it to the team and see if this is something that would be possible to add. Meanwhile clients can find general advice on how much it costs to hire specialists in different fields in Hiring Headquarters.

~ Valeria