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Vague description and meaningless feedback

I've found this issue discussed in 2018 and I guess Upwork did nothing to improve on it?

I'm an artist and there is nothing that makes me more angry than "I want a comicbook, contact me for further details" or "Need icon set, deadline tomorrow". I feel like those clients simply don't know that it costs me literal money to just ask them what they want. This isextremely frustrating. PLEASE tell them not "be as detailed as possible" but tell them WHY. 


Also I wonder if it even does anything when I downvote a job and provide a reason why. I got ininitial notification that it supposed to be tailoring my possible jobs to me but it clearly has zero effect on that. Or I've always hoped that if enough people did it then maybe there will be a message to that person to explain why they are posting for the 10th time and still don't get the freelancer they are looking for. But it feels like those actions are meaningless as well.      


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It's all meaningless. Anger is meaningless. Just live. 

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Oh ok, I guess you are right. Will you pay my bills then?

There are clients that describe projects very precisely, there are clients that don't.

That's the fact that won't change (I think).

And you need to adjust to it. 

You can apply only to well-described job posts. Ignore others. The problem is solved.


Kateryna M wrote:
Oh ok, I guess you are right. Will you pay my bills then?

Why should she? You're the one that can't find the proper approach working here.

If this place isn't paying your bills, maybe it's time to check out some alternatives?

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I agree. For me I've decided a while back that that is a red flag signaling somebody I don't want to work with. If they can't be professional enough to detail what they want, and/or show sufficient respect to the person they are looking for by recognizing that we would need A LOT more information to even know if are interested, they are not the type of person I want to work with. I figure if you have to pull teeth at this initial stage, that kind of sets the stage for a project filled with heartache and aggravation, lol.

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I 100% agree with this. When I first started on UpWork, I would apply to any relevant job I could find, regardless of the description. I learned quickly that such a strategy is much more of a headache than it's worth. When you can't get along with a client during the proposal process, you're likely not going to get along with them on the job. Time to pack up and move on. Your time is worth more. 

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