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Very bad Moneyback Guarantee program

Hi guys, I am a freelancer in oDesk and I have taken an Hourly job. After successfully completing job and delivering all the content to client he asks for refund. I thought that hourly jobs are safe here but it's not for freelancers. At that time I came to know about Moneyback Guarantee program. I have posted many tickets on support system but no reply, so posting here. The job started on 16th April and client asked for refund on 2nd May. My question is: Do I need to pay him the full money as refund? If yes, what about the standard rule "Get paid for every hour you worked" The job is still open.

The refund is supposed to come from oDesk, so you shouldn't lose any money. However, you could get bad feedback. (I think.)

Hello Marcia, Are you sure the money will go from oDesk and I will get the full money?

Hi Iliyas, IF your job was part of the new experiment that oDesk is messing with, then yes they will cover the refund. If you search the forum for "money back guarantee" you will find several posts relating to this issue. Let's hope that when it starts hitting oDesk's bank account they will wake up and realise the experiment is a failure. Whether the contractor or oDesk refund the fee, it is still a slap in the face of a good contractor to have a client claim the work is not acceptable. All in the name of client greed and finding a loophole to get work done for free. Good luck.

Freelancer with MGB will definitely have a bad feedback if the Client opt leave one though contractor can also leave a response(new feature) and will be place on a watchlist. But there is also a problem, a common detail most Freelancer fails,forget or don't think it would matter. Leaving remarks, status or updates about the work done for the period covered in the Memo. If the Memo are Blank or empty then it is against policy and Freelancer won't get paid and worst will have to refund out of their balance. Unfortunately are taken notice only when a dispute are filed against the Freelancer. Have known several Freelancer with MBG suffered this faith.

Read this article: https://www.odesk.com/community/node/31872 oDesk will identify applicants who are the best fit for a job and have a history of consistently satisfying their clients. These applicants will receive the Money-Back Guaranteed badge oDesk Money-Back Guarantee. next to their name. If a client hires one of these freelancers and is not satisfied with the work delivered in the first two billing cycles, oDesk will refund the client. The freelancer will still receive what they’ve earned–according to the regular Payment Guarantee terms–but they will be reviewed for future eligibility in the Money-Back Guarantee program.