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Video introduction in a cover letter

Ace Contributor

Hi everybody,

I want to hear your thoughts on this:

Do you link your video introduction in the cover letter when applying to new jobs?

Of course, adding a couple of lines regarding the job description

Also, on the client's side,

some clients have asked me to show specific work that resembles their project even though I have some in my portfolio section.

Should I also link those specific items in the cover letter to make it easier to them?

Ace Contributor

I don't see how a video of me talking about my skills would improve my chances to get hired - if I did animations, video effects or voice acting, then yes, it would be useful to showcase those abilities, but it's not what I do and that's why I haven't made a video introduction. 


I really like Preston H's introduction video ( he's currently listed as a Feature contributor on the left, you can check it out on his profile ) - really creative and entertaining, but not in a way that makes him seem unprofesional! 


As for showing clients relevant work - clients are often too lazy, busy or have too many applicants to review, so they might not look through your entire portfolio - so my advice is to always make sure you send the most relevant work, by either attaching it to your proposal or pointing them to your similar completed contracts.

Community Guru

Andrea, if you think your work as an illustrator can be highlighted by a video, you may want to invest in making one or having someone make one for you, with your material.


This obviously doesn't apply to each industry. I translate and write, I don't really see how I could enhance this with a video, but in your case, it may be relevant.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

O agree with Renee. In the writing/editing can get complicated, especially with copyright and such to keep in mind. 


As for a video introducing myself on my I have trouble with self-promotion, and writing a good cover letter is as far as I go.

Community Guru

I agree with those suggesting that this may be industry specific. If you're an animator, voice over artist, etc. whose skills require a video/audio showcase, it may make sense.


As someone who has hired many writers and a small number of designers, I will tell you that I would probably skip over a video app if I had other good apps. When I have 20 bids in front of me that are in text and can be skimmed in a few seconds for something that catches my attention or for something specific I'm looking for, I'm just not going to take the time to watch a video and wait to see whether at some point the applicant offers the information or displays the skill I'm looking for.

Other people may think differently, but I would never include a link to a video introduction in a cover letter.


My thinking is this:

If I write a cover letter, it is ONLY about the client's project. I don't talk about myself or send anything generic. The client knows instantly and completely that I am not copying-and-pasting something I wrote for somebody else.


I know that the client can VERY EASILY click on my name and see my whole profile. My video introduction is clearly presented there, as are other things... my portfolio, my generic overview text.


So although I do have a video introduction, I never send it as part of a cover letter.


Here's an exception:

IF YOU ARE A VIDEO EDITOR or some other contractor who actually makes videos, and you're applying to a job to make a video, then I think that thoughtful inclusion of links to videos which represent your work in a way that applies to my project may make sense.


But that's not the same thing as linking to your generic introduction video.


I am also hire contractors as a client. I can't speak for other clients. But I DO NOT click on links to portfolio pieces or videos or anything else when I read a cover letter. I don't have time for that.


If I'm interested in a particular contractor, I'll look at their profile page, and I will look at their portfolio on their profile page.


Bottom line:

As a client, I don't want to see any copy-and-pasted, boiler plate, template stuff.

As a contractor, I never copy and paste ANYTHING when creating cover letters. This is part of the reason I rarely, rarely apply to jobs any more. Because if I apply to a job, my application will stand out and I'll get hired. Any time I apply to a job, I think most of the other applicants send cover letters which are horrible and not customized for the job. I would not have time to do all the jobs I would get hired for if I just applied to every job I knew I could do.

Thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts.

I made a video introduction, as suggested by upwork, thinking it might look more professional than a photo and text combination. My main focus is illustration so now I'm considering also adding some of my work in the video.


Preston, I think your video introduction is really great, good job.